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Re: ersatz S2, ONLINE!

In message <3657350B.13B2@ameritech.net> ambient@ameritech.net writes:

> Nope. Not quite. I upload the scans from an article in Audi driver and
> also in Audicar which featured Kim Collins Cabrio S2+ Quattro. Although
> he does own a major Audi tuner in the UK, thus giving him a slight
> advantage - He has popped a 20v MTM-modded turbo engine into his cabrio
> and *did* fit a quattro drivetrain to it after some reworking of the
> rear end.

Given the commitment and profile that Mr Collins exhibits, it is
curious that he seems to have _ZERO_ contact with the UK Audi quattro
Owners Club.  He is not a member and does not advertise in the club's

Call me naiive if you like - but I would have expected someone
addressing the ur-quattro market to pay some attention to an
organisation representing 75% of the known surviving vehicles.

 Phil Payne
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