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Re: PS pump check valves removal problem

Doesn't anyone use the rust buster stuff that comes in the aerosal cans??
These nuts/bolts can't be any worse than those on my boat trailer which is
used in salt water! True- you have to start treating (wire brush& spray for a
few days before you want to do the work, but it does make things a lot easier.
Frank Santoro
1990 V8(for sale)
1998 A8

I got the same advice (use impact wrench) from Igor, too. So I just went
out and replaced the Allen socket and have managed to get the new one
twisted pretty good after 4 or 5  whacks using the impact wrench and my
BM(*) hammer (sledge). It seems the new socket will soon break by this
method also, and the check valve shows no sign of moving.

It's a Pep Boys Allen socket. Is that the problem? Do I need better
quality? I suspect that the Allen key shafts are about 2x longer than
necessary in these sockets. Maybe a shorter length would twist a bit less.
Other suggestions?