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Re: HELP Audi V8!


I have a few suggestions:

1) http://www.jie.com/auditrans.htm offers rebuild kits for the V8
transmissions as well as complete rebuilt units.  They also  have the
complete V8 transmission parts diagrams on their site that you can download.

2) John's Imports here had 2 V8 units the last I checked (several months
ago).  Their number is (503) 231-1601.  Ask for Bryan and their 800 number
when you call.

3) My mechanic has a dead V8 unit in his store room.  It came out of our V8
(before we bought it) 4 years ago and has been sitting there ever since.
His name is Alan Blanchard (503) 254-7310.  He may be willing to sell it
outright.  If you call him, mention that I told you about it.  He and I are
friends as well as business.


Regardles of what anyone says, there is no way the transmissions in those
cars are worth more than $2000 tops.  If Shokkan wants more than that, tell
them that you will buy a working V8 just for the transmission and then sell
them the rest!  All but the best examples now are selling for less than
$10,000 and the ones that are in good mechanical condition but in rough
physical condition can be had for a fraction of that.

Good luck!

At 08:07 AM 11/21/98 -0500, Neil Swanson wrote:
>Need help out there,
>At the shop we've got a '90 V8 auto trans that needs a part.  I work at a
>dealer and we can get zip for parts. Nothing on the fiche.   NO PARTS were
>ever brought into the states for an auto trans for a V8.  Those trannies
>worked till they stopped, and then you got another whole tranny.
>We've called ZF and been told that maybe if we can get a part number we can
>maybe get the part from Germany.   We can't even get a part number!  If we
>had had a number it would still take 17 days to get one!
>We called the Audi training centers but there was never any training on
>those trannys 'cause we were never supposed to fix them anyway.  We were
>just hoping they had one gathering dust.
>I gets worse.
>So what is the part?  The oil pump in the tranny has 2 broken "tangs" or
>"tabs" that fit with the torque convertor. So without those two "tabs" the
>tranny flat out has no drive. No pump, no go.  WE are trying not to have to
>tell this guy that yes he does need a $10,000 tranny.
>So we need an oil pump assembly.
>Shokan has a used tranny.
> We'd like to find a shop or individual who has a tranny they/we could
>break up.  And at this point I don't care if it is in the USA or not.
>I'm going to bring the numbers for Anderson Bros, SportWheels, 2Bennett etc
>to work on Monday. Anyone else to put a call into. Ned maybe?
>All advice or leads are welcome as to where to come up with a donor tranny.
>E-mail here over the weekend or you could call me at work on Monday. 
>Continental Motors in CT.  203-335-3919, ask for Neil Swanson.
>Thanks a bunch  
Best Regards,

John Karasaki