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Re: Flushing oil

In message <v04102f00b27de2f1539e@[]> Brett Dikeman writes:

> While in the local AutoZone, I spied a can of the flushing oil I've heard
> about.  Phil said he uses something like this, but I think his flushing oil
> was just 0W0 oil and nothing more.  This stuff seems to have some detergent
> in it, which Phil didn't mention andthing like that.

Judging by the amount of sh1t shifted by the first load of flushing oil
that I put through, I would say it had fierce detergent properties.

The can was covered in threats: "Do not drive the vehicle:  Do not
exceed 3000 rpm, etc." that suggested to me that its film maintenance
properties were minimal.

 Phil Payne
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