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Re: Rear Brake Options - '83 Ur-Q

Phil Payne wrote:

> Self-defining.
> The brakes are applied, and released.  Because the pins are gunged,
> only one side releases.
> Look at the way the system works - the piston exerts direct force
> against one pad.  Dear old Newton tells us there's an equal and
> opposite force - this drags the caliper across and pulls the other
> pad into contact.  When the pressure goes, only the first pad (the
> one addressed directly by the piston) releases - the stiffened pin
> just holds the other one in place.

Ah!  I anticipated some more exotic pearl from your wealth of experience.

Yes, the binding pins do seem the most obvious, although the ones on the driver
side were in worse shape and stiffer than those on the damaged side??

I have cleaned up the pins and lubed them with high temp. brake grease.  They
seem to be smooth with very little play, so may work again.  I'll open the
pistons as soon as I confirm access to a rebuild kit, and have the rotors
skimmed.  Niether are showing much obvious wear, other than the pitting on the
problem side.

I'll let you know how it goes.

Thanks for the help.

John Corbs