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Re: (no subject)

Well, in Cleveland we are lucky enough to have Euclid Foriegn Motors.
216.481.9200 ask for Wayne. If he is out, there is also Lake County Foreign in
Perry. They have been helpful in the past, but I forget the phone # and I only
have an Akron book right now. I hope this helps.


Coupe85gt@aol.com wrote:

>   Does anybody out there know of a good source for CV joints for coupe GT?
> I have special ordered from both Auto Zone and another local (Cleveland)
> import
>  house and received shafts that are too long. At this point I'm ready to use
> my drive shaft and install new joints to it!
>    Additionally I am looking for a source for hydraulic lifters for my 85
> coupe GT -
> 5 speed ,Build date 10/84.
>   Dave Hamman