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5k shifter bushing?

I need to replace whatever bushing is giving me trouble with the
shifter. When you shift to 2nd or reverse, you often get nothing. As
suggested, pulling on the shift knob or putting the appropriate torque
on it does make it go into 2nd gear reliably. Unfortunately reverse is
not so easy to please, since you have to push the shifter down to get
reverse, and it's not fun spending a few minutes trying to find reverse.
Also, the shifter seems to be very far back, with respect to the center
console. It about hits the "support ring" (the four-winged box around
the shifter) when in 2, 4, or R, and it has lots of room to the front
when in 1, 3, or 5. I'm not aware of an adjustment along this axis. The
side-to-side location, which I understand how to adjust, is fine.

I understand that this is a common problem. Is it the "spacer bushing -
431 711 299," as I see on the fiche? This is the bushing that goes
between the gearshift lever itself and the selector shaft. Just a guess.
Or is it a different bushing that I should order?

Any advice would be appreciated--including how to remove the center
console! I removed screws till I couldn't find any more but still
couldn't budge it. Thanks.

- Wallace
  '87 5kcstq 151k