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RE: Telling HAL what to do (now computer lore)

In message <v04102f00b27efbe59117@[]> Brett Dikeman writes:

> This is an old "urban legend" for computers.

I was present at the Windows Show when Microsoft UK was trying to
answer IBM's then revolutionary VoiceType with a package from someone

Someone in the audience called out the "Format C:" thing, and there was
general amusement.  The presenter waited until the fuss died down, and
then said: "You must think we're stupid."

Someone from the very back called out: "Well, you _DID_ produce 'Bob',
didn't you?"

It took a lot longer to restore order the second time.

Then there's the one about the woman who shouted: "Fuck!" in her 
husband's car and the phone dialed his mistress.

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