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Re: Audi 90 Quattro 20 V, 1990

Hairy green toads from Mars made George Stroe say:

> I have several questions that I haven't been abble to solve, and would 
> greatly appreciate if someone knowledgeable can lend a hand.
> 1.Engine noise like a rattle, around 2,000 RPM, when decelerating only. 
> Seems to come from the rear of the engine. Audi mechanic says no big 
> problem, but unable to say what it is without dismantling valve 
> cover (Agincourt Autohaus, Toronto, Canada). Noticed similar noise on 
> several other 90 Quattro 20 valve engines.

This one is probably easy. Angela's '90 90Q20V did this for
quite some time, I finally got pi$$ed enough to track it down.


Slide underneath, follow the exhaust downtubes down from the
engine to where they make a 90 degree turn to go back under
the chassis. Notice the piece of thick "aluminum foil" that
wraps around the corner of the pipe. It is some sort of heat
shield. It gets loose and rattles. Grab one end with hand and
wrinkle/crush it a bit to make it stop rattling.

If it isn't this, sometimes the cat heat shield gets loose.
Try the same approach, or have a shop tack weld it, or just
take it off and don't park on any tall dry grass :-)

> 2.Clutch very stiff, and high. Does not slip though.

Normal for this car, much stiffer than my 100Q.

> 3.Brake pedal stiff. Need to apply much more pressure on the brake pedal 
> than on my Coupe GT for example. Car brakes well, ABS works.

See #2.

> 4.Anybody selling a Bentley manual 2-nd hand ? Need one for the Quattro, 
> would be nice to have one for the Coupe GT as well (1986).

When you pry it out of our cold dead fingers :-)


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