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Re: 5k shifter bushing?

Wallace White <wallace@remdesign.com> writes:

>I understand that this is a common problem. Is it the "spacer bushing 
>431 711 299," as I see on the fiche? This is the bushing that goes
>between the gearshift lever itself and the selector shaft. Just a 
>Or is it a different bushing that I should order?

I don't know the exact numbers, but there have been a few
updated parts in the 5K's shifter linkage.  There is 
now a "dogbone" and a few other bits that are different
from the original setup.  You can only get the 
updated setup, and some of the original parts are no
longer available, so you may have to change some parts
that are still good to install the new setup.  I did it 
a few years ago on the '84 5KS and haven't had a problem 
since.  Also, as long as you're there, change the 
underside shifter boot if it's torn, that piece of 
rubber makes a surprising difference in cabin temp 
if it's torn, expecially in the summer.



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