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Re: Chrome Alloy Wheels for Sale!

DIABLOse94@aol.com wrote:
> I have a set of four triple chrome plated 17*7.5inch Arelli "Q" wheels
> for sale.  They are brand new and have never been mounted on a car.  My
> asking price is $1,000 obo.  If interested in seeing what the rims look
> like please go to www.arelli.com and look up the model called "Q".  If
> interested in the wheels please E-mail me at DIABLOse94@aol.com.  These
> will fit almost all audi's.

Audi has more than one bolt pattern.  Which are these wheels?  Later 
models are either 4x108mm or 5x112mm, I believe.  (Is that what an A4 is, 

> They have a newer style and probably won't look quite right on older cars.

Yes, I agree.