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Waterfest + Hondas = Need For New East Coast Show

    This whole waterfest dilemma got me to thinking. What we need is a new
premier VW/Audi show for the East Coast. Mixing VWs and Hondas just doesn't
work, whereas a premier show should give some emphasis to Audi, which
Waterfest does not. Here's my imagined alternative.

    Take a decent sized showfield, and get a few decent (non-controvsial as
possible) tuners to help promote it and assure attendance of their cars and
show cars. Advertise it in EC and like magazines. Get a few dealers to also
show up and show new product. Feature a judged and non-judged showfield
(because everyone knows the parking lot at W-fest is as cool to walk through
as the show, actually better because you can get a clear shot to photo the

    My suggestion, approach Carlisle Productions in Carlisle PA to host a
VW/Audi ONLY show during the summer. They already have the import auto show,
but it is not quite VW only to say the least, not to mention awash with kit
cars. They can offer an all weekend package that includes tech sessions,
autocrosses, judged show fields, non-judged show fields, swap areas, 4-sale
car corrals, club areas etc etc. They rent tents and have the infrastructure
for car shows. That is their business, whereas Rapid is not in the business
of putting on a show, and the details show it. (I am not affiliated with
Carlisle by the way). The only downside is that their race area is not
located on the grounds, but at a nearby highschool.
    Now have tuners like VW Sport, Eurotech, Air and Water and clubs like
the CCA and Club H20, Capital Area Audi Club etc also help push it and
volunteer workers. All their names can go on the T-shirt like CVO's Treffen.
Get VWoA to bring the truck, like they do for Bug-Out, Waterfest and
Volkstoberfest. Enlist the presence of local delaers, I suggest Autohaus
Harrisburg, to bring in current new models from VW and Audi as well as
perhaps their own GTI VR6 racecar.
    Carlisle is located just west of Harrisburg, PA and close to many of the
East Coast major cities. 4.5hrs from NYC, 2hrs from DC and Baltimore, 3hrs
from Pittsburgh and Philly.
    I'd be interested in helping to organize an approach to Carlisle
Productions, and the tuners and dealers I listed above, but there would have
to be significant interest. Anybody have any comments?-G