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Re: 4k headlight removal/adjustment.

You didn't say what year 4k you have. You refer to you headlight (singular)
so I am assuming that you have an 85 on up 4k.

Adjustment of the headlights is as simple as sticking a #2 phillips into
the grill openings around the light. You'll have to look deep inside to see
the adjustment screws.

As far as removal, there are two #3 phillips screws that attach the light
bracket to the core support, and two more underneath, (per light) which are
a real bitch to get at. I think you have to remove the grill trim pieces
that surround the light to get to the lower screws. Well, actually, you
have to remove those anyways to remove the light. (its been a while for me)

If I were you, I would get a "double square" light set and grill from an
early 4k and fit everything to your car. The later model lights just SUCK.
You can easily convert the sealed beam square lights to H4 units to get
some real light. Of course, they won't look as nice as the later headlights
do. Depends on how much you're into seeing at night.   : )

> From: Robert_Manger@mastercard.com
> To: quattro@coimbra.ans.net
> Subject: 4k headlight removal/adjustment.
> Date: Monday, November 23, 1998 10:16 AM
> Well, gentlemen I have finally taken delivery of my 4kscq.  I can only
> that this car is so cool.  driving home after I paid the selling party
> confirmed my decision.  It is rock solid on the highway.  My father, who
> brought me to get the car, also mentioned that he was impressed that for
> car of its age was very rattle free.  I do have one thing to ask the
> How do you remove the headlights/adjust them?  My driver side's beam is a
> bit low compared to the other and for those that have mounted round
> lights on the top of the bumper, how did you mount them?  I have a set of
> PIAA driving lamps that I want to re-use.
> Thanks in advance for the help with this question and to all of those on
> the list that helped me purchase my new car.
> Rob 93 SLC & 87 4KCSQ