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Re: monkey lads strike again

ABS sensor misadjustment. They have to remove it to 
remove the strut. I trust they did this since they
more than likely do not have the special Audi tool
to do it on the car.

Common mistake.
Rich Andrews
> Despite my better judgement I let the local tire shop change a front wheel
> bearing on my 200T. The shop generally does good work on mechanicals, but
> this time they flubbed something up. 
> During low speed braking my abs now kicks in. If I disable the abs through
> the button on the dash, it does not.
> Is this something as simple as a disconnected sensor, or will it be more
> expensive for them to fix? If it is, I'll go elsewhere and bill them.
> Thoughts appreciated...
> Lee
> Lee Levitt
> wheelman @ shore.net
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