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Recent S6's at Auction

Just FYI,
     From Manheim Auto Dealer Auction....Thursday November 12, 1998 
Exotic/Highline Sale....

95 S6 37K, $30,300
95 S6 37K  $30,000
95 S6,34K  $29,300
95 S6,17K  $27,900

Interesting how the one with only 17K sold for less than the ones with
higher mileage. Condition is everything tho..

I wonder where they went and what the respective dealers are asking for
them now...

also of note:

97 A8q, 21K....$46,700
97 A8q, 14K....$46,100

This auction had a ton of Audis go through. VCI and Audi Financial must
have moved a bunch of their off lease vehicles...

-Osman Parvez
89 200q 177K
Albany, NY