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Re: A4 Bose owners- help needed from you

Rob Andrews writes:
> I want to put speakers in my rear door panels on my A4.  I ordered the
> standard system as I bought some aftermarket speakers.  I need to know
> though how exactly do the speakers in the rear door panels are mounted?  Top
> or bottom?  I've seen the bose system on the S6 and the appear top mounted
> and on my 93 90s with a standard system they are top mounted.  But this is a
> different setup.  I just want to put 6.5" speakers in the rear doors and
> want it to look good as this car is my baby.

On my 96 A4q with the Bose system there are speakers on the rear
doors, in the lower door panel with a grille very similar to the
front door speakers.  I doubt that a 6.5" speaker can go in there
though.  A 5" is even streching it a bit.

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