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Re: intermittent non-operation of '95 90q speedometer

Is the speedometer the only thing that goes dead?  If you're in a
position to stop the car, stop it, turn it off, and back on to the "on"
position so that the warning lights turn on, and see if they come up. 
It's possible that the circuit board in the instrument cluster has a
loose connection or broken trace.

"David M. Fox" wrote:
> I drive a '95 90q
> The speedometer has a couple of times been
> inoperative immediately after the car was
> started.
> I kind of banged on the instrument panel just
> above the speedometer each of the two or
> three times that this happened and it
> seemed to correct the problem.
> Once I was driving down the interstate
> with the cruise on. All of a sudden the speedometer
> went down to 0 and the cruise control acted strangely
> for a few seconds. Then once again the speedometer
> and cruise control were ok.
> Anyone here experienced similar phenomena?
> If so, what was your fix for it (hopefully a better
> fix than banging on the instrument panel)?
> Thanks
> Dave Fox