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Re: A4 Bose owners- help needed from you

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From: Ti Kan <ti@amb.org>
To: Rob Andrews <rob@smu.edu>
Cc: quattro@coimbra.ans.net <quattro@coimbra.ans.net>
Date: Monday, November 23, 1998 9:54 PM
Subject: Re: A4 Bose owners- help needed from you

>Rob Andrews writes:
>> I want to put speakers in my rear door panels on my A4.  I ordered the
>> standard system as I bought some aftermarket speakers.  I need to know
>> though how exactly do the speakers in the rear door panels are mounted?
>> or bottom?  I've seen the bose system on the S6 and the appear top
>> and on my 93 90s with a standard system they are top mounted.  But this
is a
>> different setup.  I just want to put 6.5" speakers in the rear doors and
>> want it to look good as this car is my baby.
>On my 96 A4q with the Bose system there are speakers on the rear
>doors, in the lower door panel with a grille very similar to the
>front door speakers.  I doubt that a 6.5" speaker can go in there
>though.  A 5" is even streching it a bit.
Are they top mount or bottom mount though?  I will put 6.5" in there, even
If I have to top mount em.

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