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Blue Strut Bearings - Failure?

I replaced the strut bearings on my UrQ last year with the official blue
ones at $80 a piece. When I pulled the strut housings to do the wheel
bearings the 1st time, two weekends ago, I noticed that the bearings
separate from the rubber and steel bonded parts. This has happened to me
in the past as well. A careful examination shows they are just pushed
into the steel part of the assembly with just 4 little raised bumps to
hold it in via friction. The bearing itself is fine and has little / no
play. It slips right back into the housing. I believe this is normal
right? I refuse to believe that that little friction fit is designed to
hold the whole assembly in the car. That's what the upper dished cap is
for right? Any thoughts?

Andrew Finney
1983 UrQ.