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Re: Waterfest + Hondas = Need For New East Coast Show

Carlise, while perfect for a show is out of the question. It is the fact
that they are so good which makes them impossible to get. Their calander
is booked years in advance from what I remember reading. Beacause of the
limited length of good weather and the enormous amount of people that
attend each show they can not add any more events to the schedule. I doubt
that the Mopar or Corvette guys are going to give up Carlise for a bunch
of imports so....... I guess it is still worth looking into but I wouldn't
get your hopes up.

I think a small college is the best place..... relatively cheap, ample
parking... normally easy to get to. I think that research should be done
to keep the Gestapo/Nazi mentality away from the security wherever it is
held. I.E. the problem with campus security not letting some cars run the
autocross at Waterfest because they didn't have headlights and lisence

I too see the need for a premier east coast show to replace Waterfest and
would be willing to help organize something. For those of you who do not
know The Canadian Bug show in Toronto is such a show. Held at the end of
August every year it blows Waterfest away.

Just one last thing, where did Waterfest + Hondas come from? I s Rapid
parts planning on letting in Hondas this year since they now sell Honda
Stuff. Many of my friends have Hondas but they do not belong at
Sorry so long but this is a subject I have thought a great deal about.

On Mon, 23 Nov 1998, George & Deanna Achorn wrote:

> Hey,
>     This whole waterfest dilemma got me to thinking. What we need is a new
> premier VW/Audi show for the East Coast. Mixing VWs and Hondas just doesn't
> work, whereas a premier show should give some emphasis to Audi, which
> Waterfest does not. Here's my imagined alternative.
>     Take a decent sized showfield, and get a few decent (non-controvsial as
> possible) tuners to help promote it and assure attendance of their cars and
> show cars. Advertise it in EC and like magazines. Get a few dealers to also
> show up and show new product. Feature a judged and non-judged showfield
> (because everyone knows the parking lot at W-fest is as cool to walk through
> as the show, actually better because you can get a clear shot to photo the
> car).
>     My suggestion, approach Carlisle Productions in Carlisle PA to host a
> VW/Audi ONLY show during the summer. They already have the import auto show,
> but it is not quite VW only to say the least, not to mention awash with kit
> cars. They can offer an all weekend package that includes tech sessions,
> autocrosses, judged show fields, non-judged show fields, swap areas, 4-sale
> car corrals, club areas etc etc. They rent tents and have the infrastructure
> for car shows. That is their business, whereas Rapid is not in the business
> of putting on a show, and the details show it. (I am not affiliated with
> Carlisle by the way). The only downside is that their race area is not
> located on the grounds, but at a nearby highschool.
>     Now have tuners like VW Sport, Eurotech, Air and Water and clubs like
> the CCA and Club H20, Capital Area Audi Club etc also help push it and
> volunteer workers. All their names can go on the T-shirt like CVO's Treffen.
> Get VWoA to bring the truck, like they do for Bug-Out, Waterfest and
> Volkstoberfest. Enlist the presence of local delaers, I suggest Autohaus
> Harrisburg, to bring in current new models from VW and Audi as well as
> perhaps their own GTI VR6 racecar.
>     Carlisle is located just west of Harrisburg, PA and close to many of the
> East Coast major cities. 4.5hrs from NYC, 2hrs from DC and Baltimore, 3hrs
> from Pittsburgh and Philly.
>     I'd be interested in helping to organize an approach to Carlisle
> Productions, and the tuners and dealers I listed above, but there would have
> to be significant interest. Anybody have any comments?-G
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