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East Coast VW Show Continued

Due to a great response, I am going to approach Carlisle on the topic of a
big VW show. Here are some other points I have remembered or come up with.

Carlisle Fairgrounds has several show halls, which would be ideal for people
like tuners to exhibit their show cars and products, sort of set up a little

I know of atleast one mobile Dyno in the DC area, and could approach them on
attending, as well as find any others, especially for awd cars, because
having Audi presence would be very cool. There is no BIG Audi show on the
east coast is there?

Non-Judged Show Field - At other shows, the non-judged field is for
enthusiasts who own cars that are not show cars. Entering one car costs as
much as entering the show for one person, and with a car entry you get two
people into the show and more chances to win a car if one is given away. It
actually pays to show a car in that respect, which helps battle the whole
parking lot is cooler than the show setup found at waterfest.

Air-Cooled - Why not include them too? I don't think only water cooled will
fill the Fairgrounds, and this certainly makes sense. Both DC and Central PA
have decent vintage or modded air cooled followings, and Autohaus Lancaster
has a buttload of cool vintage VWs in their collection.

Drag Racing - As much as this sport doesn't interest me, it will attract
those who think it is the ultimate, and there is that faction out there. The
show would be for ALL VW fans, and I believe there is a drag-strip nearby in
Carlisle too. Having them run a race on one of the days may be a good idea.

Tuner Issue - As I stated privately to someone, the interactions of tuners
and their followers read like a soap opera in this industry (very catty). I
personally feel that ALL tuners should be courted to coming, whether you are
a fan of VW Sport, EIP, or neither. That should be set aside. The show would
benefit from the presence of as many tuners who would grace us with their

Ideally, getting big West Coast tuners would be awesome too. Having ND or
Neuspeed there would be cool, whether you like them or not. Bigger tuner
presence translates to bigger VW show. That is a good thing.

Car Giveaway - During some of thier shows, Carlisle gives away a car on the
Sunday of the show. They range from $5K in value ot 18K in value from what I
have seen. Giving away a New Beetle, A1 GTI, or Ur-Quattro would be cool,
but probably not feasible in the first year, unless they can somehow guage

T-shirts - I like the way CVO did their Treffen shirts. They included all
the sponsors. Contrarily, Carlisle is a business and probably doesn't use
sponsors. They have the infrastructure to handle crowds etc, so don't need
volunteers. Still, if a tuner does early registration, which Carlisle does
handle, they could put those businesses names on the event T-shirt. It kind
of helps entice tuners to attend.

Ultimately, having this proposed show play out like a mix between SEMA and
Waterfest would be the ideal.

I will be contacting Carlisle next week to see if they are interested in the
next two weeks. I will keep you all posted.