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Warning Chimer and Driver's Door Switch

	Many thanks for the useful advice and central locking pump offers from my posting of yesterday. I also have a minor mystery with a faint to medium chime warning when the drivers door is opened. This is on a 1989 Audi 100. It occurs when the door is opened with no key in the ignition switch and neither the lights nor the radio is on and the pressure is relieved on the door switch.  The usual warnings from the radio being left on or the lights on are usually louder. I have replaced the switch ($5) in the door but that did not help. There is no chiming noise if I open the passenger door. Also the overhead lights do not come on when either front door is opened. The light comes on when the doors are shut and stays on for a timed interval. Is there a switch in the drivers seat to set off the seat belt warning when the seat is occupied? If so it might be sticking? Any suggestions on this problem will be appreciated. Thanks . Don Scott