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Re: rf fender


>My poor 87 5kcst got hit & run recently and the R Front fender along
>with some trims were totaled. I am in the market for a good used RF
>fender for my Audi. I was wondering how much would be cost for used
>5kcst fender?? If I couldn't find one from a 5kcst, can I use the one
>from a 5k instead? Are the 5k & 5kcst fender interchangeable?

Cost $50.- to $125.- depending on condition.  I payed a $75.- took it off
myself and the fender had no dings or bondo.  Unfortunately never got to use it.
(Still sitting in my garage attic, unfortunately it's the left/driver side....)

Instead I was at Autobahn in Bow NH where Chris Semple a fellow qlister works and
he happened to have a silver/blue 200 with a good fender on it, same color as the 
wife's Avant!!!  (A quick call with the wife over the cell phone to check paint 
codes confirmed it.)

$100.- bucks and walla, no paint work just a simple remove and replace!!

The 5k/100/200 fender's from 84-91 are the same.  The exception is the 91 200tq
which has flared fenders.

Albert I'd recommend checking out the local junkyards and you may get lucky and find a
good one the same color.

Replacing the fender took me about 3 hours, plus an hour compounding, waxing and re-pin

If you decide to do it yourself, let me now and I'll post some general instructions
and gotcha's.....


Mike L.
90 V8
89 100 Avant