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	let's see...

	i have it narrowed: either yoko avs s4 ($72/each)
	or toyo proxes z1 (price pending).  got a good 
	btdt on the dunlop sp sport 4000 a/s and nixed
	them from the list.  don't know why but i decided
	against the bfg comp t/a vr4's, too ($79/ea).

	(oops, update - i am on the fone now.  they say
	the toyo's are on "national backorder".  i need
	tires right away, so i guess i have to go with 
	the yokohamas.  america's tire is matching the
	$72 tirerack qouted, though they have this tire
	normally priced at $98.)

	anyway, for those that asked, the tire place that
	i mentioned ysterday is america's tire, in redwood 
	city.  i can get tires put on on friday - providing
	they have them - and they have 50k mile warranty,
	lifetime free rotation, etc.  there's a slight
	rub, though: they don't do alignment.  there's a
	place they send the alignment jobs to, down the
	street, but they are not open this friday whcih
	is about the only time i can get out of town for
	a job like this.  

	i know the car needs alignment - it pulls to the
	left a bit.  the main question is if i get the
	tires friday, is it ok to drive for a few days 
	without getting the alignment done, or am i 
	better off getting the tire/alignment done at the
	same time?  

	also, some folks offered great advice for how to
	go abou;all this - especially bringing with me the
	torque/alignment/etc data (from bentley, etc) and
	asking them to go mto my specs and tolerances.
	what i need now, is the data itself.  anyone have 
	that?  '83 ur-q.

	as usual, thanks a jillion, and i'll see you bay
	area folks in santa cruz this weekend.

 rocky mullin
 '83 ur-q - yamaha rz350 - suzuki ts250 -  chaotic good
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