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Re: 225s on a 2500+ lb car?

Graydon D. Stuckey wrote:

> The S4 was seriously undertired with 225s.  I've run 225 BFG R1 _sticky_
> tires on a 2600 lb RX7 before, and thought we could have used more tire.
> Certainly 225 _street_ tires would be even less adequate on a 2500+ lb
> car.  The comment about hydroplaning is well taken as that is a concern
> with any wide tire.

Certainly true, I was just using that as an illustration, but I suppose
should have gone more in depth about the strengths and weaknesses of 
wider tires.
Tire choices are a compromise that should be based on the car they
are used on and the manner in which the car is used.  For me, one of the 
reasons I love my quattro is its all-weather performance, and in my 
experience, the 4kq performs noticeably worse in wet weather with 205's 
than 195's, to say nothing of 225's.  However, dry handling is also very
important to me, so I use 205/50-15's on 15x7's.  I don't usually drive
the car to it's absolute limits on the street, I save that for the track
where I use larger tires in a "R" compound.

Also, I doubt a stock 4kq suspension is well suited to take advantage of
the 225 tire.  I don't have a stock suspension or remember if the person
who started this thread has a stock suspension or not.

As for Mark Nelson's comment about the "1000 lb lighter" thing I brought
up, I understand your point as noted above.  However, is that really any
more "lame and uneducated" than making a comparison on how your car 
handles with two completely different tires (Z-rated summer Dunlops vs 
all-season or possibly snow Michelins)?

In summary, different strokes for different folks (and cars!). I should 
of mentioned from the beginning that these were only my personal
The 225's can certainly be made to fit (with the right offset), and if
feel that is best for your needs, go right ahead.

I hope that concludes this thread.

89 200tq (with 225/50-15 R1's for the track, have to ask you some about
	putting the wider tires on the front, Graydon)
85 4kq (205/50-15's for me, thank you very much!)