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RE: 90'CQ-Hyd Prsr Accmltr Prblms

I'm pretty sure that my bomb is needing a replace, but the pulsating
sensation is likely a combination of the ABS kicking in and warped rotors

Recent replace of RHD ABS sensor eliminated the pulsing brake pedal and
steering wheel.  BUT, it's ba-a-aa-ack.

Pentosin flush of reserviour improved pump>red light times, but this
evaporated also.

Basically I've decided the whole set-up sucks....any takers.

Derek Daily
90 CQ

> -----Original Message-----
> From:	Peter Tracy [SMTP:ptracy@ekbos.com]
> My experience with changing the pressure accumulator recently in my '90
> Q20V
> sedan is similar. I replaced the pump and the noise and leaking went away.
> I
> never had pulsating brakes. Could that be a rotor that needs turning?