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follow up: monkey lads strike again

Last night I took a brief look at the Audi.  While the right hand abs
sensor was snugly in its carrier, the left hand one was pretty loose...

I figured that this was probably causing my abs to kick in at low speeds
(following a wheel bearing R&R by a local tire shop).

Unfortunately, this particular tire shop is the best around, and my
confidence in them is waning.

They didn't repair the car properly (caused a new problem while fixing the
old one) and didn't test drive it before delivery. <sigh>

So I went back today, on the off chance that the sensor was broken rather
than simply loose.

The shop put the car up on the lift and farted around for a while...they
clearly had *no* clue what to do. So I suggested that they try reseating
the sensor, doh, and they came back a few minutes later looking rather
sheepish. "Um, it's fixed."

Anyway, thanks to those who correctly diagnosed the cause of the problem

Lee Levitt
wheelman @ shore.net
webmaster, http://www.wheelman.com - kewl stuff for gearheads :)
1990 Audi 200T, 90K
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