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re: Bentley FS

> Richard Beels <beels@technologist.com>
> http://www.classifieds2000.com/cgi-cls/ad.exe?P1+C239+A0+R31169
> Audi 5000s/5000cs manual, $30/OBO, Used
> Audi 5000s/5000cs repair manual, years 1984
> through 1988. Models Gasoline, Turbo and
> Turbo Diesel including Wagon and Quattro. By
> Robert Bently

I can't believe it.  I just "found" this myself right 
before reading the post.  I was so excited, because the 
guy even lives near me.  This is perfect for me to do the 
turbo conversion.

But now that I see it on the list, one digest behind even, 
I'm sure it's probably gone already...

Just thought I'd pout a bit... :(


Ken, who just discovered the accessories/parts/stereo 
section of Classifieds2000 tonite...