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Re: Chip

Lawrence, I checked the info on intendedacceleration's web site. Some of
the things he does is trully impressive. I am new to the quattro, so
right now I'm trying to soak up all the info I can find before I make any
decesions. Thanx for the tip on the chips.

Lawrence Bardfeld wrote:

> Zsolt,
> I don't think Hoppen makes one for that model.  You might try TAP -
> www.tap1.com (352-628-AUDI) or Intended Acceleration -
> www.intendedacceleration.com (360-754-1411) and see if they have any.
>  Also, you might be interested in the fact that while I received
> favorable comments about Hoppen and Intended Acceleration from
> q-listers, no one had really favorable comments about TAP.  FWIW.
> Larry
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> From:   Zsolt Kovacs [mailto:zsolt@telusplanet.net]
> Sent:   Tuesday, November 24, 1998 6:13 PM
> To:     Geoff Jenkins
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> Subject:        Re: Chip for S4
> Any idea if there are any chips for my 86 5k CD tq?
> Thanx
>    Zsolt