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Re: Quattro lights on buzzer

In message <01BE1805.ED6E8960.JonathanMorton@email.msn.com> JonathanMorton writes:

> >   quk@isham-research.demon.co.uk wrote:<edit>> Yup, you should have a buzzer for lights and radio.<edit>> Won't help.  # 443 951 307B.>  Call Gary at VAGServ - 01604 675992.  Make sure you stress the 'B'> suffix.
> Phil, I won't bore the newsgroup with this, but thanks for the info. I
> discovered the old relay. It has suffix 'A', but I tried it and it seems to
> work, although pretty feebly compared to the usual blaring noise from my
> 100. Was that the significance of your comment about the 'B' suffix? Or is
> there something else I should know about?

No, it's just that (like many scrappers) VAGServ only look at the number
and not the suffix.  Big problem with the Type 44 seat heater relays -
there's a non-trivial change at one point.

 Phil Payne
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