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Re: Sport quattros

>Germany and the UK probably have most of the cars, and I know that the
>Middle East oil-rich countries received some as well (ie. United Arab
>Emirates).  The 218 also includes all those written off by road/race
>accidents - a disproportionately high number, I'd bet on that.

Looking through the Lewandowski sport quattro bible, many cars are
registered in germany and surrounding countries. Also according to
him the actual number is 214 which includes the 5 cars which were 
built from spare parts in September 1988. Of this 214, close to 50 
(not sure of the exact number, I didn't count) cars were allocated to 
the factory for testing/motorsport purposes. What is not included
in the 214, is the 20 S1 rally cars which were constructed, these 
have different VIN/registration number than the 'normal' sport 

>One was sold here in Finland for street use, and was an insurance write-off
>within a month.

What a shame, you wonder what happens to the twisted wreckage?
I am sure even in a bent state, these could find very happy homes
(like a certain garage in Boulder Colorado). I can always dream.
Dave Lawson