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Re: 4kq towing advice

On Wed, 25 Nov 1998, Phil Payne wrote:

> The manual for the ur-quattro says it's OK as long as the front wheels
> can rotate.  The latter is the crucial factor.
> If the front wheels cannot rotate, the driveshaft must be unshipped.

Hmmm... this troubles me.  What would be the symptoms that something was
damaged?  I will get the specifics on the towing apparatus today.  I am
also going home right now to check out my own owner's manual to see what
it says.  I won't treat it as canon, but at least a good start.

Any BTDTs on this issue?  Harrison suggested that if the gears and center
diff weren't making noise, then the owner may have gotten lucky.

But, I'll approach it with caution.


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