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it was a wet and cold night on my way home

and this accord type comes screaming up the inside of the wagon.  it was
11pm and raining and a sharpish off-camber 90 degree left hander was
approaching, so i was doing to do my usual
blow-by-on-the-outside-around-the-turn quattro trick.  not really paying a
lot of attention (mmmm) and did my late lf braking thing and (for the 1st
time i can remember) hit both the clutch and the brake!

wow.  instant 4-wheel drift with lots of opposite lock.  Gutter approaching
so dave wakes up and decided that clutch is more important than brake and
releases both.  power on and we slide around the corner continuing the drift
but with a more control.

comfortably past the accord I might add.

and dave is wide awake all the way home, giving thanks to quattro and a good


'95 rs2
'90 ur-q