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Re: valve spring source for Schrick 276 in NF head?

We have used the springs from techtonics in all of our Audi & VW race 
cars, they all share the same springs-10v, 20v, 8v, 16v, etc. They offer 
a good quality spring for a reasonable price. We have them in our turbo 
dragster, it saw 8500 rpms on the dyno with no problems (made 450 + hp).
Give them a call @ 503-843-2700, they only list 8v/16v sets but will
sell you 10 as well.
Ron Wood-Audis a plenty
82 & 83 UR-Q
84, 85 & 87 4KQs
87.5 CGT
84 A2 rally coupe