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Re: Audi S6 Speaker Placement

Please, no comments on this...
this is my father and he wants to put the stock system back in the
car... He had a really cheasy Clarion setup and got the Complete
8 speaker bose system w/wiring harness and amps/deck cheap.
Basically he just wants reasonable sound again.
The guy had cut all the amps off and put cheap Clarion 4" in the doors
and put cheasy 6x9's in the rear sounded horrible compared to the BOSE
He also likes the ability to put a CD-Changer in there.
And don't forget the neat auto check read-out.

Please, no flames here just if anyone can take a look at there s6
and tell me where your tweets are located and where the door speakers go
(in the rear doors)

Thanks much!
Rich Andrews
> rich <rich@smu.edu> wrote:
> >Where are the speakers placed in the Audi s6?  I am converting my 1991
> >200 TQ 20v to a S6 stereo because some moron replaced the Bose system with a
> >Clarion.  Fixing up this mess makes me feel like I am trying to repair a car
> >that had been through a chop-shop.
> You're downgrading?
> Tom