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Re: Sport quattros

From: Phil Payne <quk@isham-research.demon.co.uk>

>That's the whole point - the first time he started with an ur-q,
>and the answer came out FWD.

>From what I remember, the first attempt was on a fwd coupe that had been
stolen and recovered without engine or running gear. Some of the panels were
said to have come from David Sutton but I suspect that they may have just
been used to provide patterns. The engine and transmission from a 200T were
fitted, along with seats from a Ford Escort. I saw picture of an Ur-q
undergoing the work but never heard of the final result. A couple of weeks
ago I heard a rumour of a Dialynx shortened Ur-q shell for sale in West
Yorkshire - mid you, I was also told of a six-speed gearbox in the same
conversation and that didnt exist...

Jim Haseltine