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Re: 4kq timing belt

NO interference.
Iwas in 3rd WOT accelerating 60mph+ about 5000rpm
and the car stopped, i saw the tach jump from 5k+ to 0.
All I could think was sh*t should of done that belt a while ago.
But this one was cracked and old when I inspected it 20000miles prior.
55minutes after getting parts and tools I was on the road again!

Rich Andrews
'86 4kq (new cam belt, Eibachs, 205-50-15's, and Castrol everywhere it can go)
> Set the record straight for me:
> 1987 4kq NA I5 -- timing belt goes, what happens?  Interference or not?
> Someone mentioned pictures for a 10v turbo... is this the case with the
> 4kq motor?
> My father wants this answered definitively.  He asked a local Audi dealer
> wrench and was told that when the belt goes, you just coast to a stop and
> replace.  I thought it was the other way around.
> I apologize for my ignorance:
> Cheers,
> Mark
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