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oil change interval

zsolt wonders in a previous post "if synthetic's so good, why change at such
an early interval"
        zsolt, my 86 5kcdtq, much like joels also has a high mileage
(315,000km) and the original untouched engine. it never uses oil between
changes and in my case the lifters definitely become noisier after the
magical 3000 miles/5000km. i recycle my used audi oil into the lawn tractor
and lawnmower...they run quieter on it than on new regular oil. i agree that
a big merican v8 can take abuse. i've btdt several times...but now i own a
wonderful vehicle that cost very little..has a unique character and has
given me more enjoyment than any of the v8's which were merely turnkey
appliances. because of the attachment i have for this vehicle, it would feel
wrong to not care for and maintain it. not only is it a fun and fast car for
me, it's a car that my wife loves...for its handling stopping and
power...and safety. it's also not a car i have to search for in a parking
lot..it stands alone and i like that.


86 5kcdtq
84 5ks
84 5ksw