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Re: Newbie to Quattro list - looking for info on 93 90S

Tom Nas wrote:
> quk@isham-research.demon.co.uk (Phil Payne) wrote:
> >> 1) Your headlight, expect to pay over $200 for it. I kind of got lucky on
> >> mine, I was quoted and shipped the wrong light. When I notified the place, I
> >> found out that the correct light was over $100 more than the one I was
> >> quoted. After they screwed up my order so bad, they compensated me by giving
> >> me the light at the original quoted price - $125. I did find one place in
> >> Colorado that would sell just the lens (which is all you really need, but
> >> nobody sells), ...
> >Tim at The Parts Department will do the lens only.
> Yes, but chances are this won't work for the DOT (US) lights. Check if the
> glass is a seperate piece first. It isn't on a lot of headlight units.
No, the glass comes off on the US-spec headlights--it's held in place by
5 or 6 clips and some black gunk.

> Otherwise I'd look in scrapyards for the glass. It's common across all B4 cars.
This headlight is only on the 90 series and Cabriolet.

> Tom
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