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turbos (K24 and T3) in local "junk mail" paper...


Okay, so this is probably irrelevant to those on the list
who are not in South Africa, but one can always import or
export these things. :) I did a search on altavista
for "Audi gearbox 016" and saw a page for a local junk
mail paper. In the "Other spares/accessories" the content
reads as follows:

	TURBO: K24. R1500 or to swop for T3


R1500 is US$262.75, plus you get to sell your K26 on the
10-valve 5k/200. :) Shipping would be a bitch, I guess.
Is that a good price for a K24? Go looking in those odd
junk mail papers in the motor section, interesting things
do pop up.

I could go get the paper and call the guys if anyone is
interested in paying that money and shipping and willing
to get the cash to me. Might be better to go looking
in local junk mail papers for these parts because if they're
selling for that much in this country then you're bound
to find them cheaper in the States! :) Shipping is as
usual a pain in the lower end (I know it is some $150 to
ship 4 brake rotors and 4 caliper repair kits from the USA
to South Africa). Life's like that.



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