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Re: oil change interval w/mobil 1


I understand your point and agree with it completily, in fact I kind of feel bad
about abusing some of my cars that way, but I don't really care about those
cars, not to mention I never had them long. On the other hand the reason I asked
about opinions on switching over to synth was that I care about my Audi and want
to maintain it properly not to mention the upgrades I plan to do on it. I've
been looking for a good quattro for years and I just found one I like. It would
be ignorance to say the least not to do that. Thank you for your opinion and

mlcmlcmlc wrote:

> Phil
> I agree whole heartedly with your statements. Why would anyone who cares
> about their vehicle try to squeeze a few thousand miles more out of an oil
> change?   In the longer term it just doesn't make sence. That's why I
> mentioned it in the first place ; If you make the extra effort it will pay
> off.  BTW when I mentioned my car & mobil 1 in a responce to Zsolt,  I'm
> talking about MILES not Km.  I'm also talking about a turbo charged vehicle
> (5000TQ) running about 15 psi, not a na oldsmobubble !!!  Turbos we all know
> are absolutely brutal on oil when campared to na.  And I said less then (<)
> a quart, Not "a couple".  !!!
> Joel Stetina
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> Date: Thursday, November 26, 1998 6:24 PM
> Subject: Re: oil change interval w/mobil 1
> >In message <365DCBCA.7275E597@telusplanet.net> Zsolt Kovacs writes:
> >
> >> I tend to get lazy changing my oil, and I had an oldsmobile with 250k km
> on it I
> >> drove that thing for about 15k km before changing oil and it only burns
> about a
> >> couple of quarts in this period and it's not synth either.
> >
> >It depends on the state of your engine, and how you drive it, etc.
> >
> >The _only_ reliable way to do it is to take a sample of the oil and get
> >it analysed.  It's cheaper to do a change regardless.  The only economical
> >way is to look at the oil on the dipstick and smell the contents of the
> >cam cover.  Takes practice, but it's fairly reliable.  Fundamental -
> >if it smells like sh*t, it _is_ sh*t.
> >
> >Intervals are for leasing companies and lawyers.  If the engine is
> >_your_ property and _you_ stand on the line for any $$$$ - it's up to
> >you.  No one can assume that responsibility.
> >
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