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re: sport quattro

I understood the sport q to be essentially the entire front clip (front doors
and forward) of an 80/4000 Q.  Save, of course, for the bumper, lights,
grille, etc.  But if you look at a pic of the side or front 3/4 view of the
sport q, and cover up from the b-pillar back with your thumb or duct tape,
it's a 4kq. 
Oh, I think there's a few minor differences under the hood. <g>

I don't remember if the rear is the same as a coupe's, or steepened.  But if I
had all the time and money in the world, and didn't feel like actually just
buying the real thing, I'd think one could be made by:
Cut a 4kq in half, between the doors
Cut off an ur-q's rear, behind doors
Lose the rear seats
Weld the two halves together
Plop in a sport motor, and a whole bunch of other stuff made out of

I've omitted a few minor steps, but you get the idea.

Dave C.