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re: sport quattro

	obtanium is the main element that many things use...
	survival ersearch labs (i think www.srl.org) thrives
	on it, as do most of us at burning man (www.burningman.com).

	just did some work... cleaning electrical contacts to try 
	and get a head start on the 4krpm shutdown problem.  no time
	to pull the ecu and check impediances and such, just wanted
	to clean stuff.  a dremmel tool (thanks mike!) with a little
	wire brush bit is great for this!  also used a lot of wd40.

On Fri, 27 Nov 1998, Timothy C Salazar II wrote:

:|> Weld the two halves together
:|> Plop in a sport motor, and a whole bunch of other stuff made out of
:|> unobtainium.
:|Oh Lord, I was on the ground, rolling in laughter with that one!  I've
:|never heard that before.  Man, that made my day!  
:|And, yes, I am easily amused.  [8^)
:|Love, Like, or Just Plain Tolerate,
:|`86 CGT 
:|`82 Coupe (R.I.P.)

 rocky mullin
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