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act quickly - cheap snow tires for sale!

I posted to the list last week about the 195/60/14 BFG Radial T/A WR
tires.  According to the brochure (and BFG, I called) this is
a "high performance winter radial".  S rated, aggressive pattern,
studdable, heavy duty construction (ie stiff sidewalls).
I found these at my local warehouse club where I knew no one
would buy them because of the odd size.  I was wrong...

I stopped by last night to get a set for lister Rick Beels and
I was shocked to see that only 1 set of 4 tires was left!
My theory is that since these were so cheap, people bought them
figuring "I'll make em fit for that price".

Not to be outdone by these local yocals, I set out this morning
in search of other clubs in the same chain.  A few hours later,
I now have a total of 5 sets (much to my wife's dismay).

So, here's the deal - Rick has dibs on the first set, and I'm keeping
one set for myself for now.  I'll take the first three definite
"I want them" replies I get back.  Depending on response and whether Rick
still wants his (he couldn't make it today) there may be another 2 sets

Here's the pricing for a set of 4 tires:

	NYS Tax=$8.70

Considering that I drove over 100 miles to get these, and I've got to
bundle them and lug them to UPS, I'm adding $5/tire "handling fee"
and rounding the price to $150/set.  This averages to $37.50
a tire, which is excellent considering that www.tirerack.com gets 
$48 for their cheapest snow, the Firestone Winterfire, and that is not
an S rated tire (S rated means good to 112mph).

Note: this price does NOT include shipping costs,
but I'll send them UPS ground, which is usually very cheap.
(around $5/tire I'd say).  I will bundle them in pairs and
ship that way.

These tires look perfect for someone who drives in light to moderate snow,
and does not want to compromise dry performance in the winter by going to 
a -1 size but still needs increased traction.
I would say they probably compare to a Nokia NRW by the looks of it.
I also thought it looked like something you would see on a cop car
in the winter.

Mark Nelson says they make a good rally tire for the 4kq - I would
say that's probably on target too.

Oh, the tires also have raised white letters on one side, black on the

This size (195/60/14) will fit the 84-87 4kq, late 87 CGT, 88-91
80q/90 5sp/90q.

Again, first three positive replies get them, price is $150/set plus
shipping.  I'll hold subsequent replies in case anyone
backs out or I happen to find more.

Winter's coming :)

| Dan |