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Re: 1984 URQ, not exactly what I was expecting...

Cobram writes:

 > According to the owner, car was running perfectly
 > till he let his brother in law use it, car was 
 > blowing white smoke when he returned it.  
Not very informative, could be worse than you think.
 > After seeing the car....I'm enthusiastic about it 
 > again.  The rear flares and the wide tires make
 > this a very sharp looking car, especially if you 
 > take the year into account.  
Yes, these cars do have that effect, don't they?
 > I'm going to make an offer of $2000.00, and will 
 > go up to $2500.  The body work/paint will run at 
 > least $1500, and I'm figuring another $2000 worth
 > of parts should get the rest into shape. 

I think your paint and body estimate is pretty good, assuming you are
not dealing with a big city shop. 
The "getting the rest into shape" part could cause you some grief
though. Watch out for lots of nasty little parts price surprises. I
think it has been posted here before that the initial cash outlay for
getting one of these into some kind of running shape is a bit more
that, the figure of $3,000 rings a bell. I'm sure that some have spent 
more and a few less, but you get the idea. 

All the same, if you think the car is worth it, have a great time!
It is a much different kind of Audi driving experience, and to some,
worth the hassle and expense.

The Ur-q knowledge available on this list is quite amazing, and owning 
one without access to this pool of information, unthinkable.


83 Ur-q