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Re: Audi-engined AMC: peripheral Audi content

I went to the bookstore tonite and saw a book about AMC. It says the Audi
engine was used as the base engine late in the Gremlin production and as the
base engine in the Spirit (essentially the replacement for the Gremlin). It
was never used in the Pacer, although it may have been intended at some
point. The AMC book further mentions that the engine was used in the VW LT
van and Audi 100 sedan.

So it seems that the engine in question was used in the AMC Gremlin and
Spirit, the VW LT van, and the Porsche 924.

Oh yeah, my Porsche book also says it was originally designed by VW in 1965
as a 1.8L pushrod engine. The 2L OHC version was HEAVILY redesigned
(obviously) by Audi in the early 70's...

Rob Lloyd
'93 90CSQ