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A quattro day

Rotated the wheels front to back yesterday, gave 'em a clean and checked
the brake job I did last week.

Then over to Roger's to help with the 200TQ.  He had arrived at my place
on Thursday lunchtime, and when he got here the car died.  It took me
almost two hours to start it again and get it off my (steep) drive
so I could get my own car out.

So yesterday we wanted to try a permanent fix.  And found it - #5 plug
cap was not properly seated and the arcing spark had burnt right
through to the metal shrouding.  So, happy with that.

Then Charles Adair turned up in his MB complaining about a flat spot
when accelerating - a few runs with boost gauge and WGFV light showed
things basically in order, so we switched a few parts around and reset
the mixture just in case.  I decided to try a different metering head
and in the process discovered a K&N air filter.  That makes two MBs
with the same symptoms and K&N filters.

Amusement of the day - one of Roger's neighbours called the police,
accusing him of "running a business from a residential area".  The
Boys in Blue duly turned up, and spent half an hour slavering over
3 MBs, 2 WRs, a 200TQ and a Coupe Quattro.  UK Club membership cards
were instantly accepted as proof that this was a social activity and
not car dealing.

 Phil Payne
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