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Re: 1984 URQ, not exactly what I was expecting...

I think I've spent over $5000 on parts on my '88 Urq and I haven't got to
the interior of the car yet. The starting condition of the car was, from the
sound of your description, much better than yours.

4 discs/pads
clutch assembly
exchange head
fog lights
front indicators
rear lights
rear reflector panel
all suspension bushings
brake hoses
IC hoses
and much more...

Add to this the engine bottom end overhaul, and your $2000 estimate seems
like coffee and donut money.  Not wantting to rain on your parade, but just
want you to have an idea of what you might be getting into.

Jouko Haapanen
Pori, Finland

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  --much snippage--

>I'm going to make an offer of $2000.00, and will
>go up to $2500.  The body work/paint will run at
>least $1500, and I'm figuring another $2000 worth
>of parts should get the rest into shape