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Re: Urban legend - revenge of the USAF - no Audi content

In message <> Mike Arman writes:

> Turning to police car's six (dead astern), pilot dives to 25 feet off the
> ground, hits full afterburner, and buzzes - no, BLASTS!! PAST - the police
> car at probably 1,700 MPH + in an F-4 Phantom - which is, boys and girls, a
> BIG, FAST, LOUD airplane. None of this noise abatement crapola for the Yew
> Ess Air Force's Finest, by dang! And yes, it WILL go that fast.

Phantoms have been known to blow in cars' windows when taxiing.  There
used to be a sign on Alconbury base - "Airfield - open windows".

If you opened the windows by the statutory inch, you would usually be OK.

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