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Re: 4kQ outdos cop

Same thing in Canada.
They won't pull you over unless you are going over 15km/h over the limit.
100km/h feels like walk in a park.
They are trying to raise the limit to 120km/h to allow the police fearing to
catch up to the rest that are usually going 120 anyway.  It's the ones going
the speed limit (small percentage) that are causing problems.
Sometimes you will find that the traffic flow is going 140km/h on the 400
series highways over here.
They can not give you a ticket in that case, when you are just following the
flow of traffic.
However you can see how one person going 100 can cause some problems for


Christopher A. Woodward wrote:

> Interesting how we Americans talk about the speed limit as though it were a
> minimum.  "Damn, this bastar*'s only going the SPEED LIMIT!"
> Chris
> > >BTW IMHO, 5-8mph over speed limit is not reason to be stopped.
> > >And ticketed and searched and treated like a criminal.....

Martin Pajak


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